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New Patient Information


We are so glad you have chosen our practice for your healthcare. Our commitment is to treat you as we would treat our own family and to provide transparency in every way possible.

Due to the high number of no-shows in recent months, effective 7/11/22, we will begin charging an $80 deposit for new patient appointments with Dr. Josh Bloomberg and Dr. Samira Zamani. This deposit will be applied toward any copay or deductible at your first visit. If there is no copay, we will refund the amount when the appointment is kept. If the appointment is canceled earlier than 24 hours prior, we can refund the amount or apply it to a future visit. 

Any new patient appointment canceled within 24 hours will not be refunded.  The same is true for a no-show on the scheduled day. This helps offset costs to the office for that time. 

We look forward to serving you at your upcoming appointment. 


Bloomberg Internal Medicine                                               

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